Operation Systems

Gentoo distribution upgrade

Usually the Gentoo distribution is being upgraded by two simple emerge commands. Emerge is part of Portage which is the packet system of Gentoo. The commands to upgrade your Gentoo system are: user@GentooBox ~# emerge –sync This will sync your local machine with the gentoo server that you have set in /etc/make.conf user@GentooBox ~# emerge […]


Do not upgrade PHP to version 5.3.0!

If you are planing PHP upgrade on your server have in mind that the 5.3.0 version has a bug which was fixed in 5.3.1. If your websites requires register_globals set to On you will have troubles. If there is no php 5.3.1 package available in your distribution repositority try to find it elsewhere or wait a while until it’s compiled for your distro.