Do not upgrade PHP to version 5.3.0!

If you are planing PHP upgrade on your server have in mind that the 5.3.0 version has a bug which was fixed in 5.3.1. If your websites requires register_globals set to On you will have troubles. If there is no php 5.3.1 package available in your distribution repositority try to find it elsewhere or wait a while until it’s compiled for your distro.


PHP 5.2.9

PHP is a server side scripting language that can run on various platforms. It is the most popular language for developing dynamic websites and web based software and applications. The combination PHP + MySQL is almost legendary among the web developers all over the world and is used as a basis for a huge number […]

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PHP MySQL connection simple script

Before you can access and work with data in a database, you must create a connection to the database. In PHP, this is done with the mysql_connect() function. Syntax mysql_connect(servername,username,password);   Parameter Description servername Optional. Specifies the server to connect to. Default value is “localhost:3306” username Optional. Specifies the username to log in with. Default […]