Tips & Tricks

How to flush-hosts in MySQL

Probably many of you have met the MySQL max connections issue and that you need to do flush-hosts. This tutorial will explain how to do it. Firstly you need to have the admin user of your MySQL server. In most cases it is root. Login through SSH and execute the following command:mysqladmin -uroot -p flush-hosts […]


Securing your /tmp partition

As you know the /tmp partition is one of the most vulnerable places on your system. This tutorial will learn you how to secure it. Securing Your /tmp Partition. It would be worthwhile to give /tmp it’s own partition and mount it using noexec- This would protect your system from MANY local and remote exploits […]

Operation Systems

Gentoo distribution upgrade

Usually the Gentoo distribution is being upgraded by two simple emerge commands. Emerge is part of Portage which is the packet system of Gentoo. The commands to upgrade your Gentoo system are: user@GentooBox ~# emerge –sync This will sync your local machine with the gentoo server that you have set in /etc/make.conf user@GentooBox ~# emerge […]


Compromised Tor servers.

For those of you who use Tor is strongly recommended to upgrade to version or Tor is a network of virtual tunnels which allows separate persons or groups of people to increase their security and protect their anonymity on Internet. In early January we discovered that two of the seven servers that run […]