Joomla – How to put your domain name after the title

Usually Joomla cannot display your website name after the title you have set for it. However it’s pretty simple to make it the way that you want.

There is a file named head.php in your joomla file structure. You need to find and edit this file. The path to this file is:


Open the file and find this line:

$strHtml .= $tab.'<title>’.htmlspecialchars($document->getTitle()).'</title>’.$lnEnd;

Now between <title> and </title> is the title of your website. ‘.htmlspecialchars($document->getTitle()).’ is the php code that helps Joomla provide the title you have set in the control panel. Now you can simply put something after or before it. For example:

$strHtml .= $tab.'<title>’.htmlspecialchars($document->getTitle()).’ –</title>’.$lnEnd;

This makes the title looks just as is currently. Once you save the file with the new changes it should work.

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