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We are back with a new style!

Unfortunately the last year was really hard for us in developing the website so it became a bit outdated 🙁 However this is something we love to do so with new power we are begining the work on it again and in few months it should become up to date open source portal. At the moment there are many things we have to do and implement. Probably many of the pages have issues so we will be glad if you share any bug you find on the osguides.net. The work continues and we hope you like the new style. You can press Read More to check on the changes we made and we are going to make in future.


Here are the things we did:


Total migration from PHP-Fusion CMS to Joomla! – We think Joomla! is more SEO optimized and more people will find us easier.

Moved all the articles, news, reviews and tutorials to the new website – We didn’t want to wipe out everything submitted so we manually migrated everything over. Please let us know if any article looks different and difficult for reading.

New section Reviews – We decited to move the Reviews category away from the Articles section so we created a new one.


What is in progress:

The Gallery is interesting place where you can share your screenshots, wallpapers and stuff so currently it’s not being migrated yet but it’s in progress.

Less advertisements – We know how annoying the ads can be so we hope we can keep the website as clean as we can. Unfortunately we need the money for keeping this website alive so we cannot remove all the ads.


What was completely removed:

Forum was removed – We see that there is no need to have a forum for now. If the website grow we can implement one.


The old website is still available for now but we cannot garantee it will stay online for a long time.

URL of the old OSGuides website: http://old.osguides.net.


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