FAQ: OSGuides.net

What is OSGuides.net?
OSGuides.net is a website trying to help the people with the open source software.

Is it CMS?
Yes it is CMS. It’s based on Joomla!. Of course there are a lot of code changes made for our needs but basically it’s based on Joomla!.

What’s the idea?
We want to build a community of begging and advanced users who can share their knowledge and experience.

Is it needed?
We believe the open source has future and it would be great if we can help for it’s growth. We believe any website like this would help for it’s progress.

How can I submit article, news, picture or web link?
In order to submit article, news, picture or web link you will need to be registered user. Once you register you will have a custom menu.

Is HTML allowed?
HTML is allowed in submitting Articles and News only. If you want to use HTML in the Forum you can use BBcode.

My account is registered but I cannot login. Why is that?
When you register you will need to check your e-mail and click on the link in order to activate your account. If there is some issue with the registration please contact us over the online form.

I have an issue with the website.. Who can help?
Please contact us via the online form. Please be patient since we are working people who are doing this website as addition.

Is there any requirement to have account on the website?
No, there is totally no requirements to sing up on the website. Anybody can sign up. The only requirement is to be polite with the other users 🙂

Why the Creative Commons License is Attribution-Noncommercial?
We believe that the source code of any software, articles and any type of work that costs time and labor to somebody to share his knowledge, experience and ideas won’t be fear somebody else to earn money with such work. Of course any author has the rights to keep his work copyright.

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