Yakuake – the coolest console I’ve ever seen

Yakoake is just a console but there is something different, it comes from nowhere just by pressing a key. Usually by default the key is F12. However you can change this and customize the shortcuts of it anytime you need. I’ve been using Yakoake for few years already and I got used to it so much that when I’m on windows with putty I’m pressing F12 multiple times wondering why this thing is not getting hidden 🙂 I do like the Yakoake and that’s why I decided to write this short review about it.

Here is how Yakoake looks like:

As you can see from the picture above it’s coming from the top in the middle of the screen. This of course can be changed. It can be assigned in left or in right. You can manage the hight and the weight of the opened Yakuake. You can make it fit the whole screen if you want or to make it just a small corner. It can be transparent or colored and the best thing is that if you have setup your Konsole with the colors and scheme you want you can simple choose the option in Yakuake to use the default schema of Konsole. It provides many options. And the best thing, it provides tabs as well so you can totally forget about any other console.

It’s compact and nice but is it useful?
It is useful indeed. It comes with very useful set of shortcuts. The ones I mostly use are for creating new tab(CTRL + N), going through the tabs(SHIFT + left or right arrow. This is the way changing the tabs using shortcuts). By double clicking on the tab you can rename it. It’s really useful tool.

So in the end of this review I can say only one thing:
Make your life easier – use Yakuake!

Yakuake Home Page:
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Yakuake @ KDE Apps:
Yakuake @ KDE:

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