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Change the spellchecker/dictionary in Firefox

This will show you how to change the spellchecker/dictionary in your Firefox.

Firstly we need to install the Spellchecker/Dictionary in Firefox:
Go to the URL:
Here you can find the dictionary in your language. Let’s say this is English. You should click on the English Dictionary and then the install button. Once it’s installed you will need to restart Firefox. After the Firefox was restarted most probably the dictionary is working but sometimes it’s not. This is the reason I decided to write an article about it.

Setting up Spellchecker/Dictionary in Firefox:
In the address bar you will need to put about:config as URL:

After pressing enter it will most probably prompt you to be careful. Click on the button that you will and continue.
Now you can see all the configuration options in Firefox. In the filter field you should type in spellckeck. This has filtered the page to show you only the settings that contains the word spellcheck. There are 2 values that you need to change:
layout.spellcheckDefault should be set with value 1 (if it’s different initially)
spellchecker.dictionary should be set to en_US (if you are going to use English Dictionary)
Here is how it should look like:


Click on the image to view it in full size.

To change the values of this settings you need just to double click on the setting you need changed.

Now you can open new page where you can test it. It should work fine.
All the steps are the same for any dictionary. If the language is different from English you just need to set the needed value in string with the one described in the Language Dictionary add-on pack.

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