Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8

Red Hat, Inc. has announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.8, the latest update of the company’s legacy series of enterprise-class operating systems: “Today we released the eighth update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, marking the next step in the product’s seven-year lifecycle. RHEL 4, first shipped in February 2005, is now in the Production 2 life cycle phase. With this, the focus of product updates in the future will shift away from providing significant code changes and focus on providing critical fixes and helping customers evolve their IT plans for eventual migration to RHEL 5. Key features in RHEL 4.8 include: improved virtualization performance and scale; Improved Windows interoperability and file system support; general performance improvements; storage and file system enhancements….” Read the rest of the press release for further details. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 is available to existing Red Hat customers via the usual update mechanisms or as a set of ISO images from Red Hat Networks.


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