Share My Apps

There is a new service, it’s called Share My Apps and it allows you to share information about your GNU/Linux system with other people.

It’s a site that allows you to create a profile and display information such as installed packages, the amounts of memory, processor type, the Linux distribution in use, the wallpaper and many more similar interesting things.

After creating your profile you will be able to search, vote and comment applications, systems and users and share your experiences with others.

The data about your system can be automatically gathered by using a shell script or they can be manually created, offering the user an insight into the collected data. Any record can be edited or removed in case the user wants to. Within your profile you can have system, each one is tab delimited and completely independent regarding the information, ratings and comments.

The idea behind the project is the exchange of personal choices and experiences of different users about different systems and applications and widening the insight of the users on the broad range of choices.

Website: Share My Apps

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