Converting video to 3gp in Linux

In the world of fast growing information technologies the connection between mobile devices has been always important. Unfortunately many applications for mass use haven’t been available for the Linux users as it is the converting of video files for mobile devices.3gp-converter is a command script with graphical interface which can be used for converting your video files in 3gp format.

There is a method for converting over the command line described in details below:

Unfortunately there is a little mistake which is leading us to fail while converting. There is a script made by Ico_Belqta user of that is working and successfully converting video files to 3gp in the same folder location.
Here is the script:
mencoder undo.avi -nosound -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -vf expand=176:144,scale=176:144 -o movie.avi -ofps 12
mplayer -vo null -ao pcm -af resample=8000,volume=+4db:sc undo.avi
ffmpeg -i movie.avi -i audiodump.wav -b 48k -ac 1 -ab 12.2k -map 0.0 -map 1.0 undo.3gp

The first line from the script converts the file undo.avi into movie.avi without sound. The resolution is 176×144 and 12 frames per second.
The second command re-samples the audio protocol of the file and writes it down in file named audiodump.wav
The last line command from the script is creating the 3gp file from the re-sampled audio and video files. 48k is the bit rate for the image and 12.2k is for the audio.

MPlayer and FFMPEG

This article has been written by Ico_Belqta in

I hope it’s helpful for you. It was really helpful for me and that is the reason why I decided to translate it.

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