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Here are some of the most commonly used and known open source projects.Some of them have completely changed some aspects of the online experience and are now very very popular.They all have alternatives but still have one huge plus – they are free.

Mozilla Firefox
The second most popular browser on the Internet (and in my personal opinion – the better).It was created by the Mozilla Foundation which is actually a group of developers-volunteers united under one goal – to take back the web.
The main idea of the project is to minimize the software size and the complexity of its’ usage by removing the email functionality , newsgroups and HTML editor that were originally a part of the Mozilla Application Suite.Firefox got its’ significant success thanks to the armies of developers that are working on extending the functions by developing all sorts of modules – from weather forecasts to debugging tools.
During the last years Firefox has taken over a great deal of the Internet Explorer users and is still expanding its’ share because it is faster , more secure and fully customizable…and you can download it for free here – click here

Linux is the kernel of the unix-like open source operating systems.It was originally developed by the infamous Linus Torvalds back in 1991.
It was inspired by Richard Stallman’s GNU project and the free/open source operating system Minix developed by Andrew Tanenbaum.Besides the kernel a fully operational system needs a large number of additional pieces of software in order to work properly.These are usually all developed under the GNU project.That is why the combination is named GNU/Linux – this is the full name of this open source operating system.
The kernel archives can be found here

Open Office
Open Office is a multi-platform multilingual office pack and open source project.It was developed as an alternative to Microsoft Office and it is doing quite well struggling for its’ share of the market.
It is compatible with MS Office and is free for downloading , using and distribution.Include a text editing part , electronic table editing part , presentation part etc.
Official site

Wiki as most of us call it is a free open source multilingual network based encyclopedia software.It is developed by a team of volunteers and can be edited with anyone having an Internet connection.
The project is started in 2001 as an addition to Newpedia and is now managed by the Wikimedia Foundation.It currently includes almost three million articles , more that one million of which are in English.You can find that huge virtual vault of knowledge here

PHP is a cross-platform programming language used mainly for developing server-side applications and dynamic web content.PHP stand for Hypertext Preprocessor (originally Personal Home Page which sounds odd) and was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf.
Nowadays it is one of the most commonly used web technologies available and thousands of programmers are successfully doing their jobs thanks to the open source software.
Official site

Along with Linux , the open soure community decided to turn their attention to the music industry.
A group of developers registered a company and presented the developed format in 2000 , a format that promised to provide higher quality and smaller file size when compared to the widely-spread MP3 format.
The format is actually nameg OGG Vorbis and the files have a *.ogg extension
Official site

This is a completely free Java based BitTorrent client that allows downloading multiple torrents in the same time.It has a system for cueing the downloads and priorities , controlling the seeding , displaying a lot of information about the downloaded file , limiting the connection speed etc.Azareus is a completed peer-to-peer software that includes a client and server part so you can distribute your own files.
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A free open source digital sound editor and recorder – its’ features include recording and playback , import and export in different formats (including OGG Vorbis).You can cut , copy and paste , mix paths and add effects and a lot of other useful features.
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One of the most commonly used software for file sharing based on a peer-to-peer network.Has a multilingual interface and a great deal of options , presets and other tools.
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