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Howto see the PHP information

In order to see how is the PHP compiled and set on the server you can create a simple script.

The first step is to create the script. You can create an empty file name phpinfo.php and put the following content into it:


Once you put this into the file you can save it and upload it in some public folder on the server. If your domain name is and the public folder for it is httpdocs you can put the phpinfo.php file in httpdocs folder and then preview it in a browser using the URL

Note: Please be aware it is not secure to keep such file in the public folder. If you need this information often you can make a backup of this file and keep it in non-public folder. When you need to see the information you can simply copy the file to the public folder, preview the information and then remove the file from the public folder. There are other options to secure it as using password protected directory over .htaccess file. Unfortunately there is no such article yet but I’ll think about it.

Good luck!

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